Have you seen the new ads on tv with the sweet little faces of puppies that are neglected by their owners?  So, sad – such sweet puppies.  DO NOT BE SUCKERED IN BY THESE ADS.  ASPCA IS A HORRIBLE ORGANIZATION.  Ok – no more caps, but can you tell I am passionate about this?  Check it out before giving one cent to them –

Here an example of one of the many posting about the ASPCA :

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals … › organizations › american-society-for-the-pr…
It felt as though the animals were being used for fundraising, rather than using funds raised to help the animals.” Despite having $115 million in contributions in 2013, the ASPCA only found homes for 3,400 dogs and cats, according to its annual report. That’s a cost of $34,000 per animal adopted.
and this:
The independent watchdog CharityWatch finds that ASPCA spends up to 35 percent of its budget on overhead, and 38 cents to raise every dollar, giving the organization a middling “C+” rating. Charity Navigator calculates that ASPCA spent a whopping $52 million on fundraising in 2012.