Problems with your vet?

I have been hearing from customers and from other breeders and the level of vet care is declining while prices are soaring.  I recommend that all of you consider finding a private practice vet and supporting him/her.

“As mentioned above, The MARS Company is the largest buyer in the veterinary market. This 4th generation business is owned by the  3rd richest family in America.   They purchased Banfield in 2007, BluePearl in 2015, Pet Partners in 2016, and VCA in 2017.  They have continued their purchasing spree overseas. Mars recently announced acquisitions of the 87 practice Linnaeus Group in Britain  and AniCura, the owner of 200 hospitals in seven European countries.”

Please read this article or others and then choose your vet carefully.

In a related matter, those of you who have gotten kittens from me in the last few years know that I have been having problems with Royal Canin food – difficult to get, not available at all, change in formulation, and terrible service even from the local rep and the Breeders program.  I no longer recommend Royal Canin at all.  I am using Fromm for my adult cats and struggling to find the best food for babies.  Royal Canin is also owned by Mars now, which may explain all the problems.  I will keep you updated as I work with other breeders to see what is best for our babies.