Kittens and Cats for sale – updated May 6, 2022


Creekcats California Sunset – with her new Lion Cut.  This girl is so sweet sweet sweet – I just adore her.  I know she will be happy in her new home.

California Sunset


Cammy and Leo have a litter of 8 kittens.  They were born on March 19.

This is the Ladies’ Night Out Litter – their little faces are stained from mom’s milk – and they love mom’s milk.  The are just starting to eat canned baby cat food now.  Some like it and some not-so-much.  Good, good Mommy shows them and then sits back and waits.  Best mom ever.  5 boys and 3 girls.  So difficult to take photos.  They are all blue lynx bicolors! 

1.  First we have Creekcats Mojito, Purple collar, a blue Lynx Bicolor Boy



2.  This sweet girl is Creekcats Margarita – you can tell it is she as she is sporting a green collar.



3.  This is a cute little boy named Creekcats Sidecar – he has a black collar- another blue lynx point bicolor



4.  White Collar is Creekcats MaiTai – This little boy is also a blue Lynx bicolor











5.  Baby Creekcats Tom Collins is also a blue lynx bicolor boy and he is wearing a red collar

Tom Collins


6.  Brown Collar – another blue lynx bicolor boy Creekcats Martini



7.  A Girl this time – Aqua Collar – and her name is Creekcats Pina Colada

Pina Colada


8.  Also a sweet little girl – Creekcats Daiquiri – with an orange Collar



4 Kittens in the Libby and Leo Litter – Hawaii – Born March 29 – Photos taken May 6 – 5 1/2 weeks old

 as Show Breeder

This girl is already chosen to be a show/breeder so is not available as a pet.



Female Yellow Collar- Tortie Bicolor – Creekcats Mahalo– Under Evaluation



Male White Collar -Seal Point Bicolor – Creekcats Ohana

Ohana is a seal bicolor boy (yesterday I thought he was a girl – I hate it when that happens).



Male – Ono

My red bicolor boy.  I love this boy – maybe I should keep him?



7 Kittens in the Scout and Leo Litter – Las Vegas Hotels – Born March 29

Male Blue Collar – Seal Lynx Mitted (white tail tip) – Caesars Palace (RESERVED)

Male Gray Collar – Blue Lynx Mitted – MGM Grand

Male Turquoise Collar – Blue Lynx Mitted – Harrah’s

Male Lime Collar – Blue Lynx ? -Luxor

Female? Orange Collar – Seal Lynx Mitted – Tropicana

Female Red Collar – Blue Lynx Bicolor – Paris Las Vegas

Female Pink Collar – Seal Lynx Bicolor – Mandalay Bay



Jane Curtin

This beautiful girl is Jane.  She looks sweet but she is a stinker!  She jumps on my bed and wants me to pet her – and she purrs.  Then a minute later, she hides under the bed.  Dan and the other sister both have the perfect Ragdoll personality.  Jane bonded with another cat (that she every pretends nurses from – and it is a boy).  Jane needs someone who is willing to separate her and give her non-stop attention until she catches on.  Her price is greatly reduced and she will be a great pet for the right person – you just need to invest some time in her – probably just a few days.