Creekcats Ragdoll – Some very sweet adults are looking for a new home.  They have been good Ragdolls for me and now they deserve a home where they are loved and will get lots of attention.

Creekcats Adelaide had two kittens about 3 months ago. She was spayed last week. Adelaide is a Chocolate Lynx Point Mitted and she was born 3/12/2015. It would be best if she were an only child. Adelaide is the last of my chocolate lines and it has been hard to part with her but she really deserves some one-on-one attention. It will take her few days to settle in to her new home.

Below is Sage. He is a hunk-a hunk-a BIG boy – currently weighing in at 16 1/2 pounds. He was born 6/26/2021 and is such a sweet boy. However, he does pick on some of the cats when I am not looking but the hunk of fur in his mouth is a give away. If you want him to go with another cat, it must be a girl. He likes the dog and the dog like him. He does have a girlfriend, Jane. Jane fell off a ladder when she was a kitten and, for some unknown reason, seems to blame it on me (and other people). I believe her cracked rib hurt so if I would pet her, it hurt. It would be nice if Jane was adopted with Sage as I think she will eventually become more trusting. She and Sage have been besties for awhile. I will post her picture right after Sage.

@ pictures below are of Sage. She is sitting on what we call a Toyoko Cage. That cage is in my kitchen with the doors open – cats wander in and out during the day – I guess when they just want to sleep on a hard plastic shelf? I do not understand – but whatever makes them happy. Sage and Jane eat supper together in there and then curl up with each other to sleep. I tried replacing with a cat tree but they did not care for that. I’m sure someone could up with something more attractive for them.

Creekcats Jane