News – Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in CA

Spays and Neuters

Spays and Neuters are happening next week and kittens will be ready to go home Sept 1.  Kittens are 12 and 13 weeks old.  They are out playing with the big kids now so some serious cat socialization is going on.  My matriarch, Sugar, teaches them to wait their turn and to never, never play with her tail, in spite of the fact she is switching it around to make it super appealing.  Still kitten children must learn their manners and it is Sugar’s job to whip them into shape. LOL

This is a playful group of kittens but also rather quiet.  Remember when you come to visit – that they are not used to you and give them a couple of days when they get to your home to feel secure enough for their real personalities to start shining through.

I am feeding Royal Canin Baby and Mother cat.  It is high calorie but Ragdolls have a lot of growing to do so the high calorie food is a good idea.  They also eat a can a day of the RC canned Babycat Mousse.

More info about food and shots is given when you pick up your kitten.



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Creekcats California Poppy and Creekcats I Get Around

Pictures taken by Diana Starr, Starrlight Photography Thank you Diana.  Great job as always!



Summer Update

Our Irish litter and Sydney’s one little colorpoint boy have gone to their new home.  Reports are that all is going well and everyone is happy.  I have new kittens born in the last few weeks.  My girls seem to be going for quality, not quantity – and that is how it is some years.   Upside is that I get lots of time to play with the babies.  🙂

I have a stunning retired (from breeding although he never did sire a litter) boy that is available for adoption.  He is such a love, in fact I had to remove him from my office because he was just helping me too much.  He wants to be on my lap, and give me hugs, and help me type, and get his ball so I can throw it for him…But he is a love.  I am sad to let him go to a new home but he really wants the extra attention that I do not have the time to give him with little babies in the house.  If you are interested in the best boy of all times, please let me know.  He is $600 and is about 4 years old – although I have to check his actual birthday. Of course, he is neutered, up to date on his shots, and has perfect litterbox manners.


Cat show in Costa Mesa. April 27 – 29

America’s Finest Felines and Purr Pourri of Kats
Orange County Fair and Event Center
88 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, CA  93277

Held in conjunction with the America’s Family Pet Expo, Orange County.

This is a great opportunity to visit cat breeders and learn about the different breeds of cats.  You can watch the cats being judged and the judges and exhibitors are always gracious about explaining what is going on and answering you questions.  Please remember to always ask permission to pet a cat.  Exhibitors are very health conscious and realize that many people have been petting the many rescues that are available for adoption and the exhibitors are conscientious about not spreading any germs.