Chocolates – Yummy – This litter of kittens from Violet and Belize is my box of chocolates litter.

People have inquired about these kittens but no one has a deposit so first come – first served.  Only warning – one chocolate is never enough…just sayin…

These 3 kittens have names related to weather –

Green collar is Sunshine and she is a sweetie – Female, Chocolate Lynx Point mitted – look at that dynamite eye color.  She is going to be stunning  with her creamy white coat and yummy chocolate points.

This sweet red collar girl is Misty.  Misty is adorable not so much into the boy games of wrestling.  She is curious and likes to play in the tunnels.  Misty is a Female Chocolate Lynx Point Mitted.

Brown Collar is a Chocolate Lynx Point Mitted boy.  I call him Rain, although he does care what I call him, he know when it is time for canned food!  He is often seen jumping on Stormy.


I currently have one adult waiting for her new home.  She is spayed and current on her shots.  Sydney had kittens in the spring and then I spayed her so that she could live with a family where she always gets to sleep on the bed.