Why get a Ragdoll instead of any other cat?  Because they are the best cats ever!  Ragdolls are bonded with their people.  They want to help you with everything you are doing – they follow you around the house, sit on your keyboard if you are working on your computer, meet you at the door if you left without them, and they want to sleep on your bed.  They are sweet, kid friendly, dog friendly, and various other animal friendly cats.  I have had cats my whole life and these are the best.  To meet a Ragdoll is to love a Ragdoll.

Creekcats Ragdolls raises TICA registered Ragdolls for show and as pets. Ragdolls are excellent pets for families.  They help with homework, become best friends with the dog, and keep your lap warm while you watch tv (they say petting a cat lowers your blood pressure – worth a try?).
We are located in North San Diego, California
Sweet Ragdoll Kitty Hugs
Sweet Ragdoll Kitty Hugs
You can read about the history of the Ragdolls on the TICA website.
We are a small home-based cattery in North County San Diego.  Our cats and kittens sleep with us and generally take over the whole house.  We have been showing and breeding our Ragdolls for about 12 years.

Member of California “Best Ragdolls”